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About Argus

Since its establishment in 1995, Argus' core business has been production of wooden shipping pallets. We manufacture disposable pallets, special pallets, custom size pallets, and oversize pallets (e.g. up to 4.8m long). Our pallet materials largely include softwood: pine and spruce. We also provide ISPM-15 (IPPC-compliant) wooden pallets. Our customers are based in Poland, while most of foreign buyers are based in Western Europe (Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, etc.).

Our product range is intended for B2B customers.

Miejsce magazynowania

On-site storage

We have a storage facility that has been properly designed, sheltered and secured for storage of large batches of finished products. Hence, we can deliver on your order with a very short lead time.

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Obróbka drewna


The wood material for our manufacturing processes is treated and worked on site. We trim to size and join the product parts together with careful attention to proper layout and driving of nails.

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Palety drewniane

Wooden pallets

Our core business is the production of pallet sizes and types per custom order. Our range includes disposable, partial or true two-way and four-way pallets.

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Variety of options

Wooden pallets are the best environmentally friendly way of packing goods for shipping. Our core business is the manufacturing of industrial and disposable pallets to custom size. We can deliver oversize pallets, with the dimensions of over 3 m. We manufacture ISPM-15 dried (IPPC-compliant) wooden pallets. Aside from wooden pallets, Argus makes shipping crates, pallet containers, platforms, lids, window and pane racks, and more. Our pallet range includes two-way pallets (with the top deck on bearers) and four-way pallets (with the top deck on blocks, instead of long bearers). The pallet entry variants include partial and true way pallets. Our pallet range meets the specific needs of various industries and includes pallets for bricks and ceramic block units, furniture, or general industrial use. We can deliver pallets in large, small, and one-off production lots.

Argus' main speciality is pallets on custom order. With the spacious on-site storage facilities, we can manufacture very large orders.

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