Product Range

Wooden pallets

Argus manufactures various industrial pallet types made of pine wood. All pallets are designed and fabricated per customer specifications. (We do not apply the pallets with "EUR" or "EPAL" marks, even if the product meets these standards.) The wood for our pallets is treated per applicable industry standards according to ISPM-15. With our wood processing certificates, we make products approved for international trade and IPPC-compliant. Argus pallets are disposable units. Their range varies with the number of fork entry holes and the entry variant, which can be partial or true.
  • True four-way pallets
The short sides of a pallet are open, i.e. the fork entry ways are not covered with bottom stringers.
  • Partial four-way pallets
The fork entry ways on all sides are secured with top and bottom stringers.
  • Partial two-way pallets
The long sides of a pallet have no fork entry ways, since they are made of solid bearers. The logistics market never stops evolving, and we go in step with these changes. Argus maintains full compliance with applicable logistical and shipping regulations, and our product range accommodates all shipping destination requirements: for example, we also deliver British and U.S. standard pallets. Along with our core business, we trade in timber and wooden garden furniture.
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